Why Invest in Employee Monitoring Services?

When you pay your employees, you’re trusting that they’ll use their time and resources productively and for the good of the company. Unfortunately, employees don’t always make the best use of what they’re given, which can result in wasted company time and resources, costing your business money in the long run. If you suspect an employee of wrongdoing on your company’s time and resources, you may want to enable employee monitoring on their computer.

Advanced Employee Monitoring Software

Whether your employee is wasting time or threatening your company’s security, you have the right to know. With our advanced employee monitoring software, you can measure productivity and monitor risks among your employees. We can initiate employee monitoring to capture screenshots throughout the day and measure keystrokes to track employee activity. Our experts will then review the data and report on the network activities of specific employees. Should you need to make a difficult decision regarding an employee, we’ll provide you with the proof you need to back up any claims.

Case Study:

We have one client in the insurance industry that has had issues with employee turnover.  He requested that we installed monitoring software on all his computers since he was away from the office most of the day and had a gut feeling that there were some trust issues with his employees.

The initial employee that he was concerned with was discovered to spend most of their time reading books from Amazon and shopping on Ebay. After the employee was terminated he kept the monitoring software on his computers as a precaution.

Fast forward to about 6 months later and he calls us in to review the data collected on another employee.  She had been terminated and it was discovered that she was embezzling money from the business, making personal charges against customer credit cards that had been used to pay for policies, and had stolen his customer account list (book of business) and emailed the spreadsheet to a personal Gmail account.  She had tried to hide the fact by deleting the sent items folder and then clearing out the “deleted items” from her mailbox.  Luckily we had moved him away from POP3 mail and on to a Microsoft Exchange mailbox system in the cloud.  We were able to recover all the emails from the server.  He was able to get a cease and desist order against her using his customer data at a different insurance agency and filed charges for the theft with the evidence gathered from the screenshots.

Lessons learned

  • Trust your gut feelings.
  • Company email should never be on POP3.  There are many features and security benefits to having Exchange email instead of POP3.
  • Provide your employees with an Internet Acceptable Use Policy document that explains that business computers are only for business use and if you want the option for monitoring their Internet usage, let them know that you may do so.

Expert IT Support with The Best Geeks

At The Best Geeks, we understand how precious your company time and resources are. Through advanced employee monitoring and IT support services, we can ensure that your small business is protected. Our experts can help you implement employee monitoring software in your office and provide IT support and troubleshooting services whenever necessary. Contact us to learn more about employee monitoring and how we can help you protect your company.