We can rely on them to come at a moment's notice

At the time we had been down for about 4 days. We called the best geeks up, they came in, learned of our issues and they had us back up and running within an hour and a half. We can rely on them to come at a moment’s notice.

Terre Albert General Manager
Texas Renaissance Festival

The Best Geeks has been handling all of our Internet Security since the early 2000’s

With all of the Cyber hacks going on right now it is very important to have the best people watching over you and if something does happen to come in and to be able to come in and fix it immediately and not let it linger and affect everything. It has really been a blessing and a big help for The Best Geeks to come in and monitor it and let us know when things need to be changed and upgraded or stay the same.

John Carthey President
Corporate Installations

I consider you guys a partner

There is always some uncertainty about handing your company and your company’s data over to somebody… I know my data is safe with you. I consider you guys a partner and things get done in a timely manner.

Jody Grimes Owner
Grimes Industrial Inc.

The Best Geeks asked specific business related questions
I trust them 100% with our IT system. We know they are monitoring our system and have our back

We were disgusted and had no confidence with our IT provider and wanted to deal with a more professional company. We were having to wait 3 days to get things addressed and then most of the time it was not fixed right the first time. We were having at least one IT issue every single day and they sent many different techs out who did not understand our business. We were concerned about just having an external hard drive backup and our lack of a disaster recovery plan. We brought in The Best Geeks and they asked specific business related questions, ran a program on our system and then in about a week came back to us with a plan where we were adding a number of workstations, replacing our server, backing up our server image to the cloud and upgrading our network all in one weekend. When The Best Geeks left after the meeting, I figured Monday morning would be a nightmare. Surprisingly, on Monday morning there were very little issues to speak of, our server was set-up in a more user friendly way than before and the system was much faster!

The Best Geeks has a lot of knowledge that they bring to the table and I trust them 100% with our IT system. They fix things right the first time and they show up when they say they will. We especially like their Full Managed Services as we know they are monitoring our system all the time and have our back.

Randy Newton President
Fabrication Services

All we have to do is make a phone call
Trusted resource to proactively meet our current and future IT needs

t2We had no IT person to call if we had problems and no one addressing the unique needs of our financial service practices. We were also anticipating an office move and needed consultation on making sure our new office space met our IT requirements. We were always concerned about not having a trusted IT person that knew our needs and current IT setup that we could contact as problems arise. Prior to hiring The Best Geeks we were trying to use File Synchronization and locking solutions and they all had major issues. We started using The Best Geeks “TBG File Sync” to accomplish this goal and when we have any issues, all we have to do is make a phone call and it is resolved. We hired The Best Geeks on a Full Managed Service Agreement where they are taking care of anything IT or technology related and now we have a trusted resource to proactively and reactively meet our current and future IT needs without directing current staff to address these issues.

Jack J. Robare & Jones Asset Managers

Even with a dead server, we did not lose any data... zero downtime
Response from a human in terms that everyone can understand

t7Their response times in a word are excellent. When we have had an emergency, e.g. servers going down, they came over to the store immediately. Once they were able to figure out the issue and a course of action, we were back in action within an hour. Even with a dead server, we did not lose any data and The Best Geeks were able to keep us working until the server replacement arrived and installed it with zero downtime.

For questions and concerns that are urgent, we are always able to contact them and they always respond no later than 15-50 minutes. I can send texts with less urgent questions and they responds within the business day. All and all, we have been very satisfied with the response times.

The Best Geeks are a complete IT team that works with us and understands our needs. I personally like the fact that we can contact them directly and get a response from a human in terms that everyone in the office can understand (not in jargon or technical terms). Martina does not understand a lot about computers or related issues and just wants everything to work. When I came on the team, I had a better understanding of technology and want things to be more accessible and integrated. They are able to make her comfortable and at the same time update the systems, and help to plan more growth in the tech realm. I feel that they are looking at our process and have input on potential upgrades or services that benefit our business.

Windows of Opportunity Martina Albers – President
Peter Reynolds – Sales Manager

Never recommending bells and whistles that are unnecessary
Their work pays for itself

t3The Best Geeks is very attentive to my IT needs and my budget. I have a small business with basic needs, but needed a networked environment to better collaborate with staff and have centralized data storage for better protection and back-up. I also need the ability for me and my staff to work from home. The Best Geeks worked very quickly to get everything set up 100% in the cloud. It was done in just a day with minor follow-ups. I now feel secure knowing that my data is backed up every day and my computers are consistently monitored. The owner is very enthusiastic. You can tell, they really love what they do! The Best Geeks has fast response time. They aim to find the perfect IT solutions to fit their client’s needs. They are also true to their $777 referral program as I received the fee after I referred another business who now uses (and is happy with) their services.

Connie Maxfield, M.S. Maxfield Productivity Consultants

Everything set up 100% in the cloud
True to their $777 referral program

t4The Best Geeks have managed the tech aspects of my business for years – from selecting and maintaining systems to providing moment by moment backups, software upgrades and ensuring complete IT integrity. They’ve consistently provided the latest, most reliable and cost-effective solutions, never recommending bells and whistles that are unnecessary. They are always on top of their game and their work pays for itself in performance enhancements and freedom to focus on the business.

Tracy Jones CPA, LLC

No issues with security, lost devices are quickly deactivated
Up to date on security threats and solutions

Anytime we have lost a device or phone, it is extremely easy to logon to The TBG File Sync portal and deactivate the device. We have not had any issues with security and we have had one phone with the TBG File Sync app that has been lost and misplaced numerous times. Security is never a concern for us, The Best Geeks are always on top of the security issues. That goes for any service they offer. We have people on our computers working on the File Sync all the time and I think we have had only one instance where multiple people tried to access the same file. It alerted The Best Geeks and they immediately contacted us to resolve the issue. This has not been a problem for our Company.

I will say, we have used The Best Geeks for years now for all out Company IT needs. They are very reliable, respond in a timely manner and are up to date on the current security threats and solutions. Preventive Services, LP would highly recommend The Best Geeks for your IT needs.

Angie Cullins Office Manager
Preventive Services, LP

Our relationship is like a business partnership

corporate-installationsThe Best Geeks lets us focus on what we do best and are not concerned about keeping up with the latest technology and security threats. They are proactive about preventing problems and when the inevitable issue does occur, they react quickly and walk us through all possible solutions. Our relationship with The Best Geeks is like a business partnership. If you want a company who is concerned about your company's success then The Best Geeks is who you are looking for.

Jonathan Crittenden Vice President
Corporate Installations

We bought some goods and services from someone and we were lied too Voice over IP was not working and we had extremely slow internet. You actually answered all of our questions and seem to answer them intelligently. You gave us a proposal that looked like it addressed everything we were concerned about. Everything has been taken care of the same day you call.

Andrew George Vice President
Cyber Manufacturing