Cloud Services and Cloud Solutions in Spring Texas

What is cloud?  Cloud basically means that part or all of your business is NOT running at your primary business location!

With a specific type of internet connection, our cloud services and cloud solutions in Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Cypress and The Woodlands, can run your line of business applications and house your important data for all of your employees to securely access. In the Houston Metro area, ensure your understanding of cloud computing, including the pros and the cons, by downloading our Free Cloud Report today.

Cloud Storage

Are there files that your team needs access to when on the road or simply away from the office?  Are there multiple people that need to collaborate within the same file to close some business?  We have secure file synchronization and collaboration, fully recoverable after a ransomware attack and inaccessible to criminals should you lose your mobile device including laptops.  In addition, you can have continuous real-time backups on any desktop/laptop that is using our technology. Should an issue occur, it is constantly monitored, and you are alerted with what you can do towards problem resolution within minutes of being alerted.

Cloud Server and Cloud Workstations

With a simple specific type of internet connection, a cloud server can run your line of business applications and house your important data whether you have 5 or 75 users.  Your workstations are effectively in the cloud and thus minimal resources are needed at the main office.  This and other advantages are revealed in our Free Cloud Report available for download now.

Cloud Hosted Exchange Email

All small businesses in Spring and Conroe Texas should have their own domain name and their own email. For instance, if you are still using email addresses that end in,, or, then you are losing money and not impressing your potential prospects.  If you are frustrated because you send a message from the office but when you get home you can’t see the sent message, then once you discover how inexpensive it is to enhance your professional image you will be amazed at the return on investment that Hosted Exchange Email will provide for you.

All your email, contacts, calendar entries, tasks, notes are synchronized across all your devices. Yes, if you send a message from the office via Microsoft Outlook and then look for it on your IPAD in the sent folder it will be there. If you add a contact via your I-Phone and then get to your office in Microsoft Outlook it will be there.  As an additional benefit, you have the option to have the latest version of Microsoft Office available to you on up to 5 devices per user! Yes, you can run the Office Applications on your Android, IOS (Apple) devices and make changes to files.  Contact Us today to find out how simple this is and to realize a major increase in productivity with such a small investment.

Cloud Backup

Part of your backup solution must include an offsite component. Make sure that all your important files, including the QuickBooks database, are backed up on a regular basis. Our solution can fully and easily recover from any ransomware attack! This is an absolute must, and some cloud backup solutions state they can recover but the recovery procedure is little to be desired as it is not what we call a “specific point in time rollback”.  Ask for proof that it can easily recovery from a ransomware attack!

Cloud Disaster Recovery

When you server crashes, your computer/server room catches fire or that flood hits again, then the cloud must be part of your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan.  You should look at being able to spin-up (virtualize) your server(s) in the cloud and you should have already planned and created a procedure for when it happens to minimize downtime.

What To Do Next…

For 5 extremely important pieces of information covering the above topics, plus a couple of revelations that most other IT companies will not tell you about the cloud, then download our Free Cloud Report to help your mission critical small businesses in the Houston Metro area including Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and Cypress Texas, make an informed decision.  Or, you can Contact Us for our Cloud Readiness Assessment Service.