Want An Extra $777 In Your Pocket?

Give us a referral! Provide us with the name and phone number of a business that you think is in need of IT Support to get started! When that client makes an appointment, you will receive a check for $25 and will have a check for $752 pending your referral becoming a client!

The Best Geeks Referral 25 The Best Geeks Referral 777

How Our Program Works

When the appointment has been set for your referral, here is what will happen next:

Step 1: $25 Starting Bonus - Our geeks will send you out a starting $25 check at the time of your referrals appointment

Step 2: Additional $752 - If your referral signs a $1,000 plus monthly agreement with us, you will receive the additional $752 upon their third month of service with us.

Step 3: One-time $100 Rebate For Referral - When you receive your check, we will send your referral a one-time $100 rebate for their services with us.

Our Referral Guidelines

At The Best Geeks, we consider referrals that meet the following specifications:

  • A business that has 5 - 100 PCs
  • Current assistance is needed
  • A business that needs a no-obligation, second opinion about their technology game plan
  • A business that is unhappy with their current IT handlings

How To Make A Referral

When you are ready to give a referral, the following actions will ensure the best possible outcome:

  • Contact them and ask if it is OK to connect us. Last thing you want is for us to contact them without them even knowing about it.
  • If they tell you it is OK, then send an email introduction to the founder of The Best Geeks at Rus.Bel@TheBestGeeks.com and your referral. If you have experience with us please tell your story and for sure make certain you say how awesome to person is that you are referring us to.

To make a referral you can either give us a call at 713-581-2500, or fill out the form below.
Remember call the person you are referring us to first!

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Rest assured that under no circumstances will we share or sell your contact information to any person or company. We don't like that either!