Backup Services is an enormous topic, and it includes such extremely important concepts like:

Discussing Backup and Data Recovery in Business Today

If you’re interested in learning more about how data backup and disaster recovery can impact your business, these informational videos can help break things down.

3 Key IT Areas Your Business Need To Address

The Best Geeks discusses three critical areas in IT that must be addressed in today's economy. Every business is treated as Mission Critical. Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Backup Restore is discussed to keep your business up and operational. Data Security and Availability is also discussed as well as simply keeping your machines running at an optimum. We examine what these items can do to or for your business.

Backup and Restore

Backup and Restore philosophy discussing IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Houston Texas at . Utilizing image backup to BDR appliance and daily remote online backup of what changed on the image.


There are two types of backups a Data backup and Image backup. If you have a PC, normally a data backup is just fine. A server on the other hand, or any machine that you would want the exact configuration rebuilt quickly, requires an image backup.

Data Backup:

  • Only files are backed up
  • Only the files that change are backed up incrementally
  • Used for machines that just have data you want to keep

Image Backup:

  • The exact image of hard drive(s) are backed up
  • Only the (ones and zeroes) on the disk that change are backed up incrementally.
  • Normally used for a server or a computer that you would want to restore quickly.
  • In a Disaster Recovery scenario an Image backup allows for quick recovery

Gone are the days of the highly unreliable tape backup and for that matter rotating external hard drives. In today’s world, any backup plan MUST include an offsite component. We have walked away from potential clients that will not allow us to implement that as the risk to their business is enormous.

Backing up to the cloud is a very necessary piece of a Disaster Recovery plan. What is the impact to your business when your on-site backup is not available?

Just look at this statistic from Microsoft in 2015.

“An estimated 25% of SMB's do not reopen following a major disaster”


One of my personal quotes is “It is not the backup that is important, it is the restore time”

Testing the restore process is most vital and hands down one of the most overlooked tasks. It must be put on a schedule, at least once a quarter. The worst time to find out a backup is corrupt is when you need it!

Disaster Recovery

Potentially the most important area to think through and put a great plan in place. Think of Disaster Recovery as insurance. It is a pain to pay for, and when you need it you are so happy you made those payments. What happens to your business when these things happen?

  • Server crash
  • Natural Disaster (flood, hurricane, fire, tornado).
  • Theft
  • Human Error

Do you know how much downtime really costs you, in terms of (money, lost productivity, missed deals, upset clients, unable to order from vendors)? Can you run down to the local computer store and get what you need? If you have a server then the answer is NO!

Our Disaster Recovery Plans take into consideration every computer (server, desktop or laptop) that is mission critical to your business and we perform an image level backup every 15 minutes of those devices. You will never lose more than 14minutes and 59 seconds of data!

If the device is a server, an image backup is made to a device that sits onsite every 15 minutes. If anything were to happen to the server and we concur it would take too long to fix, then within 30min you will be up and running on this other device will call a BDR. Many times because of the newer technology the machine will run faster than your old one. Once the server is fixed or a new once is purchased, after hours we can restore your entire system to the new equipment.

You may be wondering what happens if there is a fire that wipes out everything. That is why our solution must include an offsite piece. Every night we send offsite the latest image level changes to your hard drives to our highly secure encrypted cloud. In that cloud we can, what is called “spin up” your server, and show you how to get back to work with your server now temporarily residing in the cloud.

Business Continuity

If some disaster does occur, business must continue! A business continuity plan must be documented so that when it happens your staff is not running around with no clue what happens next. That is a losing proposition. How to access and/or send email, how to gain access to the server are just some of the things that must be considered. From the very first meeting when we are looking at the design of your system, we are designing it to lend to the best possible business continuity outcome.

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