Email Protection (SPAM and Virus Filtering)

Spam Filtering in the Houston Texas Metro AreaThe number one thing you should do to avoid the damage of SPAM emails and emails that contain viruses, costs you nothing! Should you fail to implement this action, it could cost you dearly! Do we have your attention? That one thing is called Employee Education.  Your employees need to understand what they should not open should the email get past your SPAM and Virus filtering.

Not all Email SPAM and Virus filtering is created equally.  At minimum, you should use the built-in Microsoft Office 365 Spam and Virus filter.  However, making adjustments with Office 365 is very cumbersome and also why would you place all of your email services under one umbrella?  Our solution for email SPAM and Virus Protection allows easy whitelisting (allowing) and blacklisting (denying) of entire domains or just a simple email address. You do not have to keep deleting the same messages over again and you will not miss important communications from key people.

Email Security (Encryption)

Email Encryption in Spring TexasWhat will happen to your company, if one of your employees sends an email out with someone’s private information and it is intercepted by cyber-criminals?  This is becoming a very real issue and depending upon your specific business, it may be against the law to send out any sensitive information (yours or your clients) via email.  Our solution has an option to encrypt your email so that the person you are sending the email to is the only one that can read it.  Any email you are attempting to send will be scanned for sensitive information and before it is sent you will be asked if you wish to send that email in encrypted format due to what it found!  This service goes a long way to eliminate losing a court case or being fined by the government because you leaked someone’s private information!

Email Archiving

You have a conflict with someone and they say you never sent them a specific message.  Now you are sued and it is your word versus theirs.  Do you have time to deal with this or would you rather be making your business grow?  Stupid question I know and regardless of whether you are required by law to archive your emails, it is certainly something that should be considered.  We offer an archive that cannot be tampered with thus it is admissible in the court of law and it is fully searchable. Now you have proof that you sent that email!

Email Continuity 

When the inevitable occurs and your email system is down, do you want your clients to receive the “undeliverable message” back when they email you?  What mess will that create?  With our service, should your email system go down, all the mail in and out of your system will be held until your email system is available again.  Should the outage be long, you can login to the continuity system and process your email on the web.  All you need is one time that Office 365 or your own internal mail system is not available for this to more than pay for itself.

Ready for our help?

If you are in the Houston metro area, and whether you function with an on-site email system or use a cloud based one like Office 365, The Best Geeks will provide the ultimate form of email security that gives you flexibility and peace of mind in knowing that you have proof that you did send that email as well as being able to keep email between you and another person private.  Should your email system go down nobody is going to get that “undeliverable” message when they try to email you. These are the key email related services that we implement. Contact Us today in the Spring, Conroe, Tomball, Cypress and The Woodlands Texas areas to learn more about all the Employee Education, Email Protection, Encryption, Archiving and Continuity services that we offer!