CyberShield-imgTrue Horror Story: Business Owner walks in the door and sees the results of a Ransomware Cyber Attack as the files on some computers and their server are corrupted and can’t be used.  They were not worried because their IT company has a backup.  They find out that not only did they let it expire 4 months before,  but it was not the type of backup that allows for a quick restoration of business.  After they fired their current IT company they are now one of our clients, with the ability to recover from a ransomware attack within one hour!

In October of 2015 the National Cybersecurity alliance stated "Nearly half of all small businesses have been victims of cyberattacks and 71 percent of security breaches target small businesses, yet many SMBs believe they are not vulnerable to cyber-attacks because of their small size and limited assets".

According to Symantec research and the National Cyber Security Alliance: 60% of small businesses will close within 6 months of a cyber-attack!

You do make sure that your physical assets are locked, protected, insured, and sometimes monitored by camera surveillance right? We take the same level of precaution over your virtual assets as well. Our backup and data recovery and security solutions powered by our Cyber Shield protection program will keep your business’s information and data secure at all times.

Our Cyber Shield Protection

In the ever-changing landscape of IT security, we designed a multi-layered approach that provides you with complete protection from cyber threats. These four layers of protection create a complete shield around your data and your business:

Virus Removal and Ransomware Recovery/Prevention

We will provide the best available continually monitored solutions to protect your workstations and servers and even mobile devices from getting infected from ransomware and malware (viruses, spyware, and adware).

Employee Monitoring and Tracking of Web Usage

If you suspect an employee of wrongdoing on company time and resources, we can monitor, review, and report on activities.

Real Time Firewall Log Analysis and Alerting

Firewall security monitors and blocks network traffic in order to keep hackers out and prevent the spreading of cyber-attacks. Internet traffic logs are analyzed with artificial intelligence and we are alerted to anything that looks suspicious. Our security expert makes continual adjustments to our firewalls as more threats are uncovered.

Backup, Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery

We will provide the appropriate backup and restore method for your business. This depends on many factors such as type of device, complexity of environment and how much down time you can afford. Through advanced cloud computing and storage, we’ll ensure that your data is always safe, protected, and accessible. If you are still using Tape, rotating external hard drives or flash drives for backup you are at major risk!

No matter the size of your business, network security is a definite requirement for every business in the digital age. If you are worried or unsure of where to start, then we recommending or Cyber Shield Protection Audit. Contact Us today to schedule!