Rus-imgRus Bel

I'm Rus Bel, owner of The Best Geeks. We provide peace of mind with IT Computer Support and Services in the Houston Metro area.

I have spent the last 30 years in the Information Technology field, and even held two Top Secret clearances, one with the CIA and the other with the U.S. Department of Defense. Let me tell you a little bit about my experience. At 14 years old, working with a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer, I wrote my own calendar program as well as a word/definition flash card program complete with statistics. My computer would wake me up in the morning and tell me what I needed to do and type up any words and definitions that I needed to study that day. Keep in mind this was in the late 1970's.

I went to college at one of the highest rated junior colleges in the country for Computer Science, and I had a 4.0 average in all of the Computer Science courses.

After graduating I worked with a premier software company and as a junior developer was given the responsibility to write over 80% of the code for a new sorting program.

I wrote a mission critical application for the CIA and designed and supported computer systems for United States Department of Defense organizations including the US Army and The U.S. Naval Medical Command Hospital in Bethesda Maryland (where the President gets his checkups). Also designed and supported computer systems for AT&T, VISA, and what was called Citibank.

I mentioned the term mission critical previously. In my previous work, many of the projects I worked on were mission critical. They had to be done efficiently and effectively or the effects could be devastating. It is the same approach that I take with The Best Geeks. I understand that when my clients have computer problems, it is mission critical to them. I have seen the way other computer service repair companies work and I wanted to do something radically different. At The Best Geeks, we are Technicians and Consultants. We not only fix your networking and computer problems, we educate you in the process. We want to provide the best solution possible for you, not the one that will make us the most money. When you make the decision to choose The Best Geeks, I know you will have an experience so rewarding, that you will be compelled to tell everyone that you know.

We will not only solve your Houston, The Woodlands, Spring, Tomball, Jersey Village, Cypress, Cypress, Wallerr, Magnolia and Conroe networking or computer issues, but we will educate and provide the best solutions available at a reasonable price. While it seems to be a dying practice, I believe that if you provide the right solution to a customer as opposed to a solution that will make you the most money, you will have a customer for life. We make sure that we understand how and what you use your computer for. By understanding your business and needs, we can formulate a plan that will best fit your needs. At The Best Geeks, we believe all of your information is mission critical.


Harold-imgHarold Weiss
Director of Operations

I’ve been a small business owner and I know how important it is to do business with people you know. Maybe you’ve “Googled” me; maybe you checked me out on LinkedIn or FaceBook, but here’s the real skinny:

Thirty years ago, I chose technology as my career. I’ve installed and repaired phone systems, wired patch panels in server rooms, administered VAX/VMS mainframes, programmed in COBOL, Visual Basic and other scripting languages. I used to run my own Bulletin Board System (BBS) connected to a worldwide network known as Fidonet. This was before the Internet went mainstream. I used Desqview software to multitask multiple versions on the same computer because Microsoft Windows hadn’t been invented yet.

That’s ancient history.

For twelve years, at Compaq, now Hewlett Packard, I supported the original dealer network from Compaq and learned every model that Compaq produced in the desktop, laptop, and server lines. When they launched the Presario consumer line, I was in the pilot group to lead consumer support. Later, I joined the fledgling electronic support team.

In that group, we handled technical issues on all products via email, newsgroup, AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy. When the Internet zoomed in popularity, I became the project manager to create an Internet message forum for customers to use as a single point of contact. That message forum is still in use today. The project was a huge success; metric analysis showed that it was saving over four million dollars in support costs. The power of the Internet was amazing!

From there I joined the Worldwide eCommerce operations group. Compaq/HP considered major accounts to be top customers that buy millions of dollars of computers from HP each year. Special account teams service these top-ranked customers and create custom shopping websites that integrate into the company’s own intranets. My worldwide operational team was responsible for creating and managing these custom websites.

I have built computers from the ground up and installed home networks, walked grandmothers through complicated support processes on the phone, and worked with small-to-medium size businesses on their specific IT needs. I’m familiar with every version of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office produced.

I am very familiar with business networks, and have designed solutions for businesses from 10-100 employees. The network solutions we design are created from the ground up to protect your data and provide business continuity when disaster occurs. That means we know networks and we can work with you to devise network protection for your company to the extent that you want or need it.

Network threats could come from a hacker, disgruntled employee, or natural disaster. Whatever form it takes, your data and your company will never be at risk.

The Best Geeks exists to resolve the simple to the complex computer issues that create downtime for small-to-medium businesses. Our focus is on proactively identifying and resolving issues before they cause a computer or a network to break. Take a look at our support plans that allow you to budget for IT costs.

My strategy is to do what it takes to keep your business running. My goal is not to have satisfied customers, I want “Raving Fan” customers.

I know I can help you. Contact me and let’s solve your problems.

On a personal note, when I’m not working on computers I volunteer with a local community organization called Tomball Save Our Strays ( I’m the vice-president of the group and we are a 501c3 organization that works to improve the lives of homeless cats and dogs in the Tomball and Magnolia areas. We manage several feeding sites in Tomball where we maintain, trap, and neuter, vaccinate and manage homeless cat colonies. We also do adoptions on Saturdays at the local Petsmart in Tomball. Come visit us virtually or in person and see community service in action.