Just what is a Firewall?

Like its name suggests, a firewall is a essentially a wall around your computer and network. A firewall works to protect your network by controlling what comes in and what’s allowed out.

With a basic or home firewall, all of the windows into your building are wide open for anything to come in. With our solution, all of the windows are closed that you do not use and the ones you do use are monitored and reported on. With advanced reporting, we can configure it to tell you what’s coming in and going out on your network. You can disable specific applications from passing through the firewall. For instance, if only the marketing department should access Facebook from work, then those specific employees can be permitted to access the Facebook website and the rest of the company can be blocked from using Facebook.

Cybersecurity threats identified

There are two types of threats:

  • The ones we already know about
  • The new ones we know nothing about

The first type is fairly straight forward to detect and stop since we know exactly what they are and how they behave. The second type is when artificial intelligence enters the picture. We are able to let our Artificial Intelligence software learn what normal internet traffic looks like for your company over a period of time and we are alerted to anything outside that norm.

We can tell our software what types of applications you are running and only be alerted to threats that attempt to exploit those applications. All of the devices across the world that our AI vendor uses reports behavior back to their central server so that all of us be on the lookout for any new threat's characteristics.

The majority of the security related issues in your business are inside your company.  It is critical that artificial intelligence software analyze where traffic is trying to go on the Internet as well as what on the Internet is trying to get in.  If one of your computers is infected and trying to send out your companies secrets, having a system that will recognize that traffic is trying to go to a known bad internet address is critical so that continuious adjustments can be make to block this traffic.

Expert IT Support

At The Best Geeks, we provide a comprehensive approach to Cybersecurity in the Houston Metro area including (Tomball, Cypress, Conroe, The Woodlands and Spring Texas) using our firewall and Artificial Intelligence. We can help you implement the ideal firewall to add extra security to your daily business operations. As part of our multi-layered, integrated security solutions, we'll protect and monitor your important data.  We will know if something is trying to get in or go out that shouldn't and be able to make an appropriate adjustment Contact us to learn more about our CyberShield Protection and firewall solutions.