Mamba Ransomware Disabled use of entire hard drive

Mamba Ransomware, named after one of the most deadly poisonous snakes in the world, the green mamba, is just that, deadly to your hard drive.  People are being tricked by phishing emails (definition of phishing later on in this post).  This ransomware attacks the Master Boot Record (MBR) and makes the entire hard drive unusable.  Understand that this is not just the data it is the entire hard drive.  So you would recover from this attack by either paying the ransom or starting over with your computer.  That would entail reformatting the hard drive at the lowest level or replacing it altogether.  Then you would re-install all of the needed software and then restore the data you have from a backup.  You do have a current backup correct?

Phishing: An email masquerading itself as a trusted entity in your eyes.  You open the email, click on a link or open an attachment and you have now allowed your machine to be attacked!  That email will look exactly like it came from your CEO, or the IRS or your Bank etc.. and it could even down to the signature of that person at the bottom.  You/Your employees have to use some common sense.  If they are asking you to send all of the social security numbers of the employees to them, or transfer large sums of money that should be a RED flag.

Form more specific information see Brandon Hill's article located at the link below.  No, this is not a phishing blog post, you are safe to click Mamba Ransomware Additional Information